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Building a house together

Working on the project together has been amazing for me and Lucas. It’s brought us much closer together and we have had to confront some big issues in our relationship. We’ve managed to develop a great working relationship where we … Continue reading

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Ready for sale

It’s been months in the making but it’s finally happening. The house is being put up for auction in two weeks and I couldn’t be happier. I also couldn’t be more stressed out. As this is my first time selling … Continue reading

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Firefly dreams

Dream journal entry: 14 August 2016. Last night was a bit of a weird one, and I actually remembered it, so I thought I may as well write it down. I know that dreams are supposed to have some deeper … Continue reading

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Holidays: As Essential as Oxygen

So far as I’m concerned, holidays aren’t just breaks. They’re a natural part of life, one that should be embraced as just as necessary as breathing to humanity. Without holidays…we are nothing. It’s one of my core beliefs. Not that … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Tree, Bye Bye Wife

It is always my fault. No matter what happens it is as if I purposefully plotted for it to go wrong and be against us. It is simply unfair. The tree developed vertical cracks that put it in danger of … Continue reading

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Shoot for the (Business) Moon

The funny thing about niche businesses…you never know what’s going to take off, and what isn’t. The story I cling to is that of a friend who opened a little shop on the high street selling asthma inhalers for cats. … Continue reading

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