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Dry needling on the internet

I have become weirdly obsessed with online forums. Being unemployed means I have an excess of time on my hands and I have found a deep sense of satisfaction at trawling through the internet. Some of my favourites include the … Continue reading

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Fiction Versus Reality

It’s so hard sometimes, watching great fiction that presents us with boundless opportunity and freedom, but then having to come right back to real life. Like how in superhero comics, if you’re being mugged you just scream a bit and … Continue reading

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Tree removal vs body corporate

My unit is engulfed in vegetation. Seriously, it looks like a hut in a jungle. There are enormous trees crowding the building, plus a wilderness of plants and bushes flourishing underneath. It’s so out of control that I can’t even … Continue reading

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Marine fabrication for my brother’s birthday

I love buying gifts for my brother because he’s the easiest person to buy for. Everyone else – my sister, my parents, my girlfriend – is so hard to buy for and I never know what to get. The women … Continue reading

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oven repairs and filth

I love being filthy. I want to be the filthiest woman alive. Filth is so great because it’s dirty and mucky and bad. I don’t like things that evoke propriety and moralism, but rather, things that celebrate rebellion and debauchery. … Continue reading

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