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Wills and Testament, Opera Style

Not so sure about that new opera in town. My Grandad went to see it, having been a proud member of Melbourne last will and testament providers up until he retired, and he said that it butchers the profession.  It … Continue reading

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Secretary at it again

I have never been to Adelaide. I never planned on going to Adelaide. My secretary has booked me onto professional dry needling courses in Adelaide. When I first opened my chiropractor surgery I went through five secretaries in 12 months. … Continue reading

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Things Get Steam-Clean Intense

I swear, if Week of Our Lives gets any more intense I’m just gonna have a heart attack, for real, no lie. I never thought I’d get hooked on some stupid show my Mum has been watching since before I … Continue reading

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Surprises are a lot more work than you bargain for

To surprise my boyfriend, who’s been away on a family emergency all week, I’ve decided to listen to his lectures and jot down some quick notes. This whole time has been so hard on him and he’s so thoroughly stressed … Continue reading

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Macabre Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting in Melbourne is the worst. Is it my fault for being a single girl in her early twenties? Maybe they all see my application and decided that either a) I’ll be having wild parties with all my rebellious … Continue reading

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Battle of the Makeup Ideology

Wow…never thought I’d see the beauty world split on such a hot topic. All the girls and guys in my diploma of makeup have picked sides in this weird war, seemingly all accept me. It’s a battle of ideologies. Finally, … Continue reading

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Maybe Entering the Makeup World?

My parents took me to see Cads! For my eighth birthday, and to be honest, I hated most of it. It’s like it’s pretending to have a story when it really doesn’t, and all the characters are just bad caricatures … Continue reading

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