Firefly dreams

LED signageDream journal entry: 14 August 2016.

Last night was a bit of a weird one, and I actually remembered it, so I thought I may as well write it down. I know that dreams are supposed to have some deeper subconscious meaning, but honestly, this was such a blur of jumbled colours and events that I’m not really sure what to make of it.

It started out relatively normally, I was just on my way to work. Getting the early morning train, just going about my routine as I would on any normal day of the week. Unlike usual, though, in the dream I had time for a coffee. So I stopped in at this cafe that doesn’t exist in real life and had a pineapple smoothie with Em Watson. Leaving the cafe with Em Watson, we walked back onto the street only to find it was the dead of night in a happening strip in the city. As we walked along the city street, looking my boss to tell him I was sorry for missing a day’s work, I stopped to stare at one of the shop signs. Melbourne was all lit up, but I noticed something particularly odd about this one sign. As I got closer, walking up to press my face against the smooth, backlight sign, I realised what was so strange about the transfixing light emanating off the cool plastic surface. Instead of being powered by electricity, like most of the LED signage in Melbourne, it was lit by dozens of tiny fireflies, trapped between the sign and the wall behind it.

Horrified, I smashed against the signage until it shattered into a thousand shards, as if it were made of glass. In an instant, the fireflies escaped, flittering menacingly towards me like a swarm of angry bees. As the first one slapped against my face, it burned, and I woke up. Pretty crazy, right?

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