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Beginning fresh with upholstery cleaning

I need to be better with the carpet cleaning and I definitely should work on being a better friend. From now on I will be more assertive and speak my mind when I feel the desire. I will do my … Continue reading

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Minnie the moocher

Sometimes I feel like I’m mooching off my parents a little bit too much. I mean, I live with them, they paid for my university education, and now I have a job as my mum’s PA. It kind of feels … Continue reading

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My not-so-fine lines

I think the time has finally come for me to surrender a battle I’ve been losing for so many years. Walking through life with this burden weighing me down has caused who knows how many bad days, needless squabbles, foul … Continue reading

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How I cancelled my wedding day

Crazy love stories are not exclusively the stuff of Hollywood fables. I can vouch for this because I have one of my own. I was in love with a man – or at least, I thought I was, until the … Continue reading

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