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Weird Beauty Thoughts

I used to be in the army, and people sometimes ask me the biggest difference between real life and the there. There are so many to choose from…but I think I’d have to say the way people present themselves. It’s … Continue reading

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Getting back to my pre baby self

Ever since my pregnancy I have had pretty terrible hair growth problems. I read a lot of information online about hormonal effects of pregnancy, excessive hair growth is on one them. It’s not really a massive problem but it’s caused … Continue reading

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Planning funerals

As a therapist I see people going through all stages of life. I am there during times of celebration and grief. I tend to take more of an active role in my clients lives when they are experiencing emotions at … Continue reading

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Getting my act together

I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a proactive type of person. I try to be intermittently, try to psych myself up about doing one task or other before it transforms into a serious problem or a major issue, … Continue reading

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I am a business woman!

I stared at the screen in rapt silence.  It took me a good half an hour to process what was unfolding before my very eyes. People were actually paying money for my pictures. Not my mum or dad, or colleagues … Continue reading

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Tropical Island Problems: My Boat

Working on a remote tropical island comes with its highs and lows. The sunshine, beautiful surroundings and plentiful fruit trees make it a pretty glorious place to live. However, access to modern comforts is difficult. My boat is my main … Continue reading

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Timber windows at the road house

I’m opening up an old school hotel and I’m calling it the Road House. It’s right near the freeway and it’s going to be  a stop over point for truckers and bikies. It’s going to be great. I’ve got my … Continue reading

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