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The Former Hero of the Play Centre…

Sometimes, when you’re young, you put all your hope and trust in heroes. And then you grow up and realise that everyone lets you down, even people you truly admire. Remember Bugsy McCarrotface? He was that big, loveable rabbit in … Continue reading

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A quick fix to a complicated problem

Call me lazy, but I’m always going to be one of those people looking for a quick fix. An easy way out, if you will. A manner in which I can avoid the long-haul, tedious, intense work that everyone else … Continue reading

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Venting my frustration on the internet

Aw. No. Guys I am MAD. So FREAKING mad. And I know I shouldn’t be writing anything when I’m mad because like my dad always says you should always have a level head when you put anything in writing but … Continue reading

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