Shoot for the (Business) Moon

conference speakerThe funny thing about niche businesses…you never know what’s going to take off, and what isn’t. The story I cling to is that of a friend who opened a little shop on the high street selling asthma inhalers for cats. Things were slow at first, but pretty soon people began to realise that if there’s a shop entirely dedicated to that ailment, it could be a problem in future. Business picked up. Soon, people were asking about inhalers for dogs, so the stock was extended. Then he had to bring in kitty wheelchairs, dog nose chap sticks, everything you could possibly need to combat your pet’s obscure illness. Now the place is four times as big and always full. Just goes to show, eh?

I started my idea off with some proper motivation. There was a gathering of conference speakers in Sydney under the banner of the organisation Business Power! Specifically, the whole thing was a weekend affair titled Business Power: Unleash the Power Within and Realise Your Economic Dreams! People were encouraged to attend if they had some kind of nice idea that they’d been sitting on for a while, but were too apprehensive to do anything about. My sister told me about it, I hummed and ha’d and eventually decided to take a leap. After all, my idea of giving accent coaching lessons for people who want to seem more exotic in new situations did seem very niche. But I had a talent, a wonderful thing, because everything listens when I speak the ling. I wanted to share that with everyone, so make the world more fun. But would people go for it? I suspected that in this world of special snowflakes, people would. So I went along, got some motivational speaking spoken right at me and honestly? I’m fired up. A truly great event speaker stays with you afterwards, so I could tell these were Sydney’s best. I WILL give accent coaching. At the very least, I’ll do my best!


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