Venting my frustration on the internet

renderer MelbourneAw. No.

Guys I am MAD. So FREAKING mad. And I know I shouldn’t be writing anything when I’m mad because like my dad always says you should always have a level head when you put anything in writing but I actually just cannot even deal right now and if I don’t take some kind of action here I feel like I might explode and splatter parts of my innards all over everything and then everything really will be wrecked.

Okay. Breathe.

I’m just upset. I paid this ridiculously expensive renderer what I consider to be a small fortune to render the inside of my house and it’s terrible. I’m serious. He ruined it. It’s an utter eyesore, a catastrophe if ever I’ve seen one.

So now I need some serious help here. I need to find a couple of different renderers in Melbourne that are at least semi-affordable and absolutely beg them for help. At this point, I don’t even really want to rope anyone into this mess until they’ve seen the disaster zone I’m asking them to make at least halfway decent. Honestly, I would feel bad if they didn’t realise what they were getting themselves into.

The original job, done by the complete and utter fool I had in the first time around, was a terrible cement render – never mind the fact that I explicitly asked for acrylic rendering. As I predicted, the combination of the surface and the location meant that the cement render just hasn’t worked at all. It looks just awful. So, even though I’m not really sure what exactly is involved in the process, I would love the fix-it man could just do what I wanted originally and get it back to an acrylic render.

So if anyone out there has any information about an awesome renderer in Melbourne, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m desperate!

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