24-Hour Heroes

plumbers MelbourneOne of the greatest lessons I ever learned: early to bed, early to rise. There was something after that, but it doesn’t matter because that’s more than enough to go on. And it really works! I have a strict sleep regimen that makes me healthy, wealthy and wise and oh yeah, that’s how it ends. It really works, however, and I owe my immense business success to getting a good night’s sleep and being mentally alert at all times. Naps are strictly forbidden. Don’t even mention them in my presence unless you want a good hard stare.

On the opposite side of this well-rested coin, my support goes out to all those who’ve dedicated their lives to providing essential services after the midnight hours. You are the true heroes, in my opinion. Those brave emergency plumbers based in Melbourne who place themselves at your beck and call, swooping in to save the day when your pipes decide to interrupt your sleep by exploding at 4am. Quite how they retain the mental acuity in the dead of the morning is beyond me, but retain it they do. I’ve had to call an emergency plumber to my home once, and it was such a quick and painless experience (I only lost 23 minutes of REM sleep) that I can’t recommended it more highly.

The same sentiments are deserved by 24-hour doctors, car repair folks and supermarket workers, and though I would question the need to drive or shop at night (the daylight hours are clearly meant for such things), the fact that services are available is an admirable feat. Clearly, these people have managed to reprogram their body clocks in a way that to me is unnatural. However, they have done so in such a self-sacrificial way that I cannot help but be impressed.

And so, the 24 hour plumbers of Melbourne, the doctors, the people who serve fries and ice-cream cones, the mechanics, the locksmiths…I salute you. You are performing your function far better than I ever could. Because I just love my sleep time, honestly.


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