The trees are not my fault

It is always my fault. No matter what happens it is as if I purposefully plotted for it to go wrong and be against us. It is simply unfair. The tree developed vertical cracks that put it in danger of falling, hence putting us in danger of being fallen on. From the attitude I am getting you would think I intentionally harmed the tree causing the vertical cracks and therefore, landing the major bill for tree removal in our mailbox. Luckily I have actually managed to find an excellent company specialising in tree felling in Melbourne who aren’t charging me the cost of the planet for the job. But still, my point stands, it is as much an grievance to me as it is my wife yet, I am the one that is in the position of the wrongdoer. It is then down to me to make the situation better. So I arranged for the tree removal, got the best price and made sure to be home when it was happening. I signed off on all the plans and felt like the bad guy.

It’s unfair! Anyway, instead of standing my ground I bought my wife flowers and apologised for the impending tree removal. I told her about the highly recommended tree lopping services in Melbourne and that I had arranged everything around my schedule. She mumbled thanks and semi apologised for her bad mood. Apparently her moods are for both of us, because she mourns the loss of our money, and the opportunity cost of tree removal. Hopefully once the tree is done and the bill is paid we can put this whole thing behind us. All I know is, I would rather foot the bill for professional tree removal than for hospital bills and house repairs when the tree inevitably would have fallen on us. This entire ordeal has been all too much for me. I feel like I need a holiday on a Island with very few trees. 

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