Don’t Turn Off the Light…

You know, I used to be a sceptic. I was about as sceptical as they came; didn’t believe in so much as hypnosis. Nonsense is what I call it. Ghosts were all just a product of the overactive imagination. And don’t even get me STARTED on fortune telling.

And then I moved to Keymore. Six months working at this school, and it’s torn down pretty much all my lifelong sceptic beliefs. Doesn’t help that my office is way up here in the renovated attic space, which in those stupid horror movies is traditionally the place where ghosts live, or…sleep. I haven’t watched many horror movies, clearly. Nowadays it’s as pristine and renovated as the rest of the school- polished floorboards, natural light pouring in from every direction, and for when I need to work in the evenings, I have some very chic residential LED lighting. Melbourne’s finest. I suppose they put a lot of effort into making my office as welcoming as possible, lighting included. When students come up here for counselling, it makes sense for them to feel welcome.

I HOPE they feel welcome, because I’m certainly starting to dread the place. It’s just the little things, when I’m alone. The lights will flicker on and off in patterns that are just a little bit too convenient. Twice now I’ve heard someone knocking on the windows. That is, the windows that are set into the sloping roof that no one could get to unless they were rappelling from a helicopter. Just birds, perhaps? That’s what I thought.

The headmaster just said I need new lights, which is strange considering that it’s some of the best lighting money can buy. The old me would’ve blamed the silly designer lighting for being all style and no substance, but I’ve checked the bulbs; everything is fine. The lights work fine. I just don’t know what to think any more.

Oh, and then there’s the whispering voice of a small child right in my ear telling me that the end is nigh along with a spectral hand on my shoulder but then when I turn around there’s no one there.

It’s probably nothing.


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