Stuck in sandals

This is going to sound so embarrassing but I have to tell the story to someone! Ordinarily, I could tell a friend or my family but my boyfriend will kill me. So instead, I will tell random folks on the internet. Basically, my boyfriend seems to be having a lot of silly ailments at the moment. Ridiculous injuries, tiredness, back aches, stomach aches, the works! His most recent ailment is ingrown toenails. Cheltenham has a specialist that is waiting to see him but at the moment there aren’t any available bookings and his ingrown toenail isn’t severe enough to warrant an emergency appointment. The sad part about it all is that he is in an awful amount of pain. The hilarious thing is that he can’t wear shoes as his foot is swollen and sore so now he has to walk around everywhere in open toe sandals. We had to go to a really fancy restaurant the other evening for my father’s birthday and I remember the host giving him a very thorough look from head to toe and questioning my boyfriend’s choice of shoes. The host looked so disgusted, it was hilarious. It was even more hilarious looking at my boyfriend dressed in a formal suit with sandals on.

I’m hoping there are podiatry appointments available near me so we can book him an appointment with a specialist sooner rather than later. Then he can stop embarrassing me by wearing sandals everywhere we go. He met my grandparents the other week for the first time and they thought he was some bum who refused to wear proper shoes in the middle of winter. That’s when I explained to them that he was only wearing those shoes because of his foot injury. They were a bit more understanding, slightly. But hey, Croatian grandparents can be stubborn!

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