No Longer Homeless

Just as the title of my blog post says, I’m no longer homeless! I mean, I don’t technically have a house in the literal sense, as in, secure shelter with electricity, plumbing and heat, but I do have a waterproof tarp!

How does owning a waterproof tarp count as no longer being homeless, I hear you ask? Well, I also came into some luck and was able to install sturdy aluminium ute canopies on the back of an old ute that I found in a junkyard. The ute looks like it’s about sixty years old and is covered in rust, but the ute canopy is shiny and new! Seriously, the canopy is so clean that it doubles as a mirror. I’m so resourceful. 

I’m so happy with my waterproof tarp and new ute canopy. It’s the best accommodation I’ve had in a long time. I also have a sleeping bag which just makes the ute canopy so warm and toasty at night. I know it’s no castle or whatever, but the ute canopy and tarp are my home now, and I’m going to treat my home like gold.  

Once I’ve saved up enough money doing my job selling an Australian not-for-profit magazine, I think I’m going to invest in ute trays. In the Melbourne CBD, there are a lot of companies that install ute trays, but I’m going to go to the one that offers the most amount of space for the best price.

I’m obviously not made of money at the moment, and so it’s important that I make economically viable decisions in small increments. It’s my dream to get back to the lifestyle I had when I was a child. Before I became a person experiencing homelessness, I lived in a big house with my parents. I made some decisions that my parents didn’t agree with and they kicked me out, but I’d rather live in my perfect tarp canopy combination than under their roof where they don’t accept me. 

Here’s to another good sleep tonight!

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