Solar System Park

I’ve been looking into buying my own solar system. No, not the kind that gives me solar energy for my house or business, silly! I’m in the market for an actual solar system in space! I see it as an investment, as solar systems are going pretty cheap at the moment. This is because we have no way to actually reach a solar system, so it’s basically worthless right now. But I figure that within the next decade or two, we’ll have the means to travel across the cosmos, and I can create my ultimate solar system: the Water Park System. That’s right, it will be a massive planetary solar system water park that people will travel to from light years away. Imagine a water slide but in zero gravity! That would be so awesome.

My dream all starts with finding a business offering commercial solar systems. I may have to search quite deep on the internet, but I’m sure I’ll find a seller eventually. Everyone is going crazy for cryptocurrencies these days, but solar systems are where the real money is. You’d be crazy to pass up this incredible opportunity. As long as I make sure that my solar PPAs are in order, I won’t have anything to worry about. Now, for those who aren’t experienced in the world of intergalactic solar, you might think I’m referring to solar power purchasing agreements, but in actual fact, I am talking about solar planetary planning authorisation. I have to get the proper authority to plan out such a big water park in a solar system, but I doubt it will be a problem. 

So, get hyped for the Water Park System, opening sometime in the next century. If I’m not around to open it, my descendants will be. I’ll make sure this gets off the ground and into space, even if I’m managing the system as a ghost!

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