VEEC Spokesperson

It’s been three years now since my boss made the transition from nuclear energy to solar energy. It was such a great decision. I remember vaguely mentioning at the time that he wouldn’t want to be one of those businesses that got left behind because it would look bad to our clients and consumers. I think that’s what got him over the edge. Even though he’s a stingy guy, he doesn’t want to be left behind. He’s too competitive.

It’s safe to say that the transition to a commercial 100kW solar system was the best decision my boss has made. He’s so happy with the decision that he even promoted me to a managerial position a couple of years ago. I was just trying to create a work environment that I could be proud to work in, and not only did I get that, but I also got a promotion. And the best outcome of this entire situation is that the company I work for is now doing its bit to help save the planet. How incredible. 

I would really like to start making a difference in other businesses too. Maybe I could start a freelance business as a Victorian VEEC spokesperson. I could go around to other businesses in Victoria and inform them about VEEC and how it is designed to help businesses who want to install large solar systems in their factories. I’m here to save the planet but by framing it the way I framed it to my boss.

People of power aren’t necessarily evil, but they care more about themselves compared to the planet or others. It’s the way it goes. You don’t get into a position of financial power by putting others first. However, with these government incentives, I think there is a really good chance that big businesses will take solar panels on board. 

Hopefully one day my dream becomes a reality.

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