Custom Kitchen Robot

Today we are talking all about the kitchen design of the world’s most lovable robot, who Pixel Studios made an animated movie about: Wallet. Wallet is a very special trash-compacting robot that can see the future. That’s how they made the movie. They checked his data files and saw how the history of humanity is going to play out, only to discover a touching love story about two robots in space! We’ve managed to get Wallet as a contestant on That Renovation Rules, so let’s find out a bit about what the lovable guy is building for his kitchen renovation. I wonder why he’s even renovating a kitchen. Robots don’t eat food! Oh, and by the way, Wallet’s response is being translated by our Boop-to-Speech program!

As a robot, it is true that I do not eat food. Instead, I eat oil of any kind. Yummy, delicious oil. Give me all the oil and I will be one happy robot. The other thing that keeps me sustained is human happiness. I love to eat human happiness. One thing that makes humans very happy is custom kitchens, which is why I am designing a custom kitchen. This kitchen that is customised for all human needs will make humans very happy, which I will then eat. I will eat human happiness. Human happiness is the only thing better for Wallet than oil. I live off human happiness. This will be the best kitchen design throughout the Melbourne area, which will draw all the humans in and make them happy.

Well, that was quite the translation. Not to worry, folks. I’m sure that Wallet doesn’t actually consume human emotions like some sort of crazy robot. Certainly, it was just a metaphor about how his purpose is to make people happy. How would a rusty bucket of bolts even take emotions from somebody? It just sounds impossible. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what this custom kitchen will end up looking like!

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