Simulation Gets a Little Too Real

Is it just me, or has the ‘Simulation-Settlement’ series gotten a lot more…

I don’t know, ‘bureaucratic’? In fact, this has been a pretty consistent trend across all types of gaming. They seem to think that what games have REALLY been missing is resource management, weight consideration and even really deep stuff like nutrition. Because yeah, that’s definitely what Crunch Marsupial was missing. A weight meter that put a cap on how many items you could carry. And the old Cave Pilferer? Not enough fun! Now we need to let the character take a rest and drink some water when she’s been doing too much climbing, the poor thing.

I just started a new scenario in Simulation Settlement, and I set my town in virtual Melbourne. Property lawyers coming in and telling me that building in a protected nature reserve was illegal, and I suffered a fine from the local council. Now, the last time I played this game was back in school, so maybe a good fifteen years ago. Still, I don’t remember there being business and property law firms telling me I couldn’t build somewhere. Maybe that’s because all I used to do was load a pre-existing city and ruin it with natural disaster…in which case, fair enough. There was also an alien invasion option, which was the most fun. I tried that here, and not only did the Prime Minister roll up and start peaceful negotiations, but the business lawyers came out AGAIN and said that I needed to put stricter laws in place regarding property and insurance claims for homes destroyed by extra-terrestrial weaponry.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe games have actually moved on, and they are learning tools rather than pure fun machines. Thing is, I do actually have a bit of a drive to prove myself now. Hey, you property solicitors in Melbourne, if I ever have to deal with you in real life…take a look at all my permits! They all check out! Good day to you, sirs!


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