Get With the Landscaping Game

Yeah, so…I’m done with this group. Maybe not forever, but definitely for the night. I mean, for real, if you come into a role-playing group, one of the basic tenets is that you play by the rules. I don’t care if you’re bored: you came along to a tabletop RPG night where you knew full well we’d be playing ‘Renovation Revolution’. It’s set in the real world and it’s all about using DIY skills to improve your home. If you want all that wizard and elf nonsense, go join another group.

I actually kinda thought I had them interested as well. I was playing a level 60 landscape designer AND trying to be the GM at the same time, and John had just unlocked his ability to create driveway pavings. Our group went on an epic quest to Cranbourne. Buying pebbles was our main objective, but I suggested that we do some research into crushed rock so John could craft his perfect driveway. Of course, Leroy has to interrupt and say that he wants to go back and work on his patio, which he’d been droning on about all game. I told him a thousand times, you can’t change your skill-set in the middle of the game. He wanted to be a landscape designer. That comes with a full set of garden products and an increased chance to roll criticals during the furniture assembly phase. But no, halfway through he’s whining that he wants to be a woodworker, which is an entirely new set of skills. You can’t just swap; it ruins the flow of the story. We were in Cranbourne for landscape supplies, which would benefit him as well since he gets a +2 bonus on tool usage, though only if it’s applied during a landscaping feat.

And that was that. I never got to create my perfect driveway lining, and in fact none of us achieved our DIY goals. That’s what happens when you play with people who don’t have the passion.


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