Rollerblading to ice skating

I’vIce skating Mebournee been rollerblading for pretty much my whole life. While other kids picked up hobbies and then dropped them in favour of other, potentially more exciting things, rollerblading was just one of those things that always stuck with me. I learned just for a spot of fun with friends, but as I got better I used to use them kind of like a bike, you know, to get to places a bit faster. When I was older I even dabbled in a bit of roller-derby type sports, but it was all too violent for me.

Now, as an adult, I still put on the ice skates every now and then just for a bit of fun, but I’ve recently realised something that might seem mundanely unbelievable. Despite my love for the skates, I’ve never been on the ice or had any form of ice skating lessons in Melbourne. Not even when I was a rollerblade-obsessed kid. You might be sitting there thinking that this is quite a strange epiphany to have had as a grown woman, and you’re right. The fact is I probably wouldn’t have had it at all had not the company I work for decided to hire out some of the most innovative private function rooms Melbourne has on offer, private function rooms in an ice skating arena.

It’s a pretty cool idea, really. We have a bit of a seminar, get some clients in and have a bit of a mixer, and then go outside to (hopefully only figuratively) break the ice. Everyone has a bit of fun and feels a bit daring and youthful and we all end up leaving the function feeling just a little bit better about themselves. But thinking about this has made me wonder why I’ve never ice skated before. Recently I’ve been looking for something outside of work that I can take on as a new hobby … maybe this is it.

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