Love in the most unlikely of places

aluminium windowsI never thought I’d deign to date anyone with less than a six figure income. I’d had 16 years of private schooling and the best tertiary money could afford, and now work at a law firm in the city. I love my job, not just the money but the prestige, the way I can look down from my 21st floor office at the puny people slaving away beneath me, picking at my sashimi bento box and booking my next manicure appointment.

Another perk about my job is the newly renovated office – it looks absolutely divine! We’ve got a stunning lavish foyer and a balcony courtyard, haute couture furniture and artwork worth more than some people’s houses. Recently they were adding the finishing touches to the renovations and installing aluminium windows. Melbourne high rises can get surprisingly dusty so aluminium cleans easier than timber frames, and our cleaners do a great job of keeping the office looking gorgeous. However, while the repairs were in progress, I was slightly nettled about the noise. Now I know the sway a stunning rich woman can have over her male inferiors, so I primped and pouted and strutted over, ready to give them an earful of their own.

When I got to the windows I stopped dead in my tracks. I was mesmerised by the man who was doing the aluminium window repairs. Melbourne tradies can be rough around the edges, and this fellow was no exception. He was big and sweaty, grunting as he worked on the sliding windows replacement. But there was something irresistible about his savage beauty. He looked up to see me swooning. I returned to my desk and caught my breath. That’s when I had the realisation of a lifetime. I realised that love doesn’t have to be all about money. I could see myself falling for a man like that in the future, even if he doesn’t make six-figures!


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