How I cancelled my wedding day

wedding limo hireCrazy love stories are not exclusively the stuff of Hollywood fables. I can vouch for this because I have one of my own. I was in love with a man – or at least, I thought I was, until the day of our wedding day when everything changed quicker than you can say, ‘I do.’ My story is not just a testament to who fickle cupid can be but also how hard that arrow stings. I almost made the biggest mistake of my life and the only reason why I didn’t was thanks to wedding limo hire in Melbourne.

I woke up on the day of my wedding slightly nervous, but I wouldn’t say I had cold feet. My husband-to-be had always been good to me and I was looking forward to the peaceful life that our marriage promised. I got my hair and makeup done in the morning and the bridesmaids helped me dress, and I was all set to get into the wedding limousine when something suddenly anchored me to the ground. The chauffeur stood there smiling professionally and holding the door open for me. I was gobsmacked at how beautiful he was. I don’t know if it was the classy uniform or his smooth young face, but I knew at that moment that I could not go ahead with the marriage. I thought to myself, ‘If the limo driver can make me feel this way, then surely I’m not ready for this lifelong commitment.’ And that was when I called the wedding off.

Cancelling the wedding was not only painful, it was also embarrassing, as a lot of family were arriving from overseas after their airport transfers to Melbourne CBD. Despite the shame and guilt I felt, I later came to realise it was all for the best. Years later, I’m not married to someone who’s better for me (not the limo driver, unfortunately!) than I ever imagined possible while with my ex-fianace. C’est la vie.

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