Scouting Out the Hair Talent

Just taking a break at the moment- roaming all around Melbourne is hard work, even if I’m just combing the areas close to the CBD. It’s not my native city, either; I hail from Brisbane, which I have to say is just a little bit easier to get around. or maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it?

Anyway, progress has been good. I’m supposed to be recruiting some excellent talent for the Australian Hair Championships, and things are going faster than I thought. I must’ve been to every single hair salon in the Melbourne CBD by this point, and I’ve seen great things; it’s true what they say about this being the city of the arts. I mean…I’m not saying I’ve seen anyone arrange someone’s hair into a castle in the Swiss alps or anything, but when you’re just observing from a distance, that’s not the type of thing you want to see. My job is to see people in their normal, everyday work, doing cuts and colouring. They might seem mundane, but when you have a trained eye you can really see from the small things how skilled a person is. It’s hard to explain…but it’s on the way they do the job. I might describe it as a casual sort of skill, where you do a great job but don’t have to concentrate utterly to achieve great results. I mean, if you have to give your full, undivided attention to a very simple bob cut, you won’t do well in the Hair Championships. The styles you have to pull off there are a true test of skill, as they should be. Don’t rule out that Swiss castle idea, either…if you’ve seen any of the finals being broadcast on TV, you will have seen how crazy it can get. There was a helicopter once; that was pretty wild. And then they move onto the extreme colouring round.

Well, I have my list of potentials. Guess I’d better finish my coffee and head off to see the hairdressers in David Jones. It’ll be a long day, but it’s looking pretty promising thus far.

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