Tropical Island Problems: My Boat

boatcatch systemWorking on a remote tropical island comes with its highs and lows. The sunshine, beautiful surroundings and plentiful fruit trees make it a pretty glorious place to live. However, access to modern comforts is difficult. My boat is my main link to resources, whether they be essentials like fuel and clean water or luxuries like chocolate and moisturizers, without my boat I am a little stranded. To avoid being stranded I invest a lot of time and money into keeping the old girl in good shape. I recently bought new boat catches which will make life a lot easier! At the moment launching the boat is a thirty minute process in which I have to get the two of the local guys to help out, costing me at least a couple of beers a day! I had ordered this boat catch system to the mainland a few months ago so when word came round that it was ready to be collected I headed straight over. A large expense perhaps but one that will save me a lot of more than beer. When the storms come in it’s important to be able to get off boat quickly. A flawless retrieval is never more important than when lightning is on the horizon. Whenever people get wind that I am making the two hour journey to the mainland I get a lot of requests. It’s hard to get everything especially in terms of fitting it on the boat. With the size and weight of the new boatcatch I had to be a little ruthless this time round. Of course I will bring back nappies and formula for the kids and the school desperately needs some new notebooks but unfortunately Mr. Arrow’s rum would have to wait. Once I had my new boatcatch up and running I would return for the rum!

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