I am a business woman!

business tax returns

I stared at the screen in rapt silence.  It took me a good half an hour to process what was unfolding before my very eyes. People were actually paying money for my pictures. Not my mum or dad, or colleagues or anyone I know for that matter but total strangers were willing to give me actual currency for my pictures. Not just some people either, a lot of people. I refreshed the screen every few minutes to find the number ticking up like drips from a tap. That was two weeks ago, the drips haven’t stopped and I now have over two hundred orders. I don’t know anything about business. The last time I sold something was when I was six and I stood outside my parents house with lemonade. Apparently now I am a business and have to file very grown up business documents about taxes and banking! I just want to take pictures and then give them to people, if they want to give me money, great! I now find myself dealing with a large pile of scary documents called business tax returns. Melbourne has been my home for five years now and I can proudly say in all that time I have avoided all forms of accountancy and financial paperwork. My time has come to delve into the world of bookkeeping. Whilst the camera is my domain, tax returns are not. I decided to call a professional. I had just started to make anything resembling decent money from my art and I am not about to go and sabotage by attempting to file my own taxes! I looked into hiring a tax return accountant based in Melbourne but realised I may be getting ahead of myself. I did however find some good literature on how to deal with the whole tax process.

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