The Missing Conveyancers

I was walking down the streets of Melbourne, looking for a conveyancer, when I heard this strange noise coming from the gutter. Naturally, I was so desperate to find someone who could help with the legal settlement of the house I wanted to buy, that I leaned down to find out what was going on down there.

“Hey kid,” a voice said to me, even though I am twenty-seven years old. “Do you need some conveyancing?”

Of course, I was absolutely ecstatic to hear this. I’d searched everywhere for just that very service. Even my regular conveyancer from Brighton had disappeared. However, when I moved closer to the gutter, I felt rough hands grab me and pull me through. Instead of landing in a sewer, I landed at the bottom of some sort of massive cavern. All around me, people moved around the cavern, complete with small buildings, big enough to perhaps house a couple of people each. It was a whole secret city. So, was this where all of the conveyancing firms around Cheltenham had gone?

“Welcome to Conveyancing City,” said a man beside me, presumably the one who had pulled me through the gutter. “This is where we all fled to, after the Great Conveyancer Purge. We have been keeping an eye on you, George. We think you might be worthy of conveyancing.”

“The Great Conveyancer Purge? I’ve never heard of it.” There was a lot about what he had said that confused me, but that was the most confusing part.

“There are few who have. Before the election of Dr Dark McBane, the previous premier threatened to exterminate all conveyancers if we didn’t help him buy every house in Victoria. As a result, we hid underground, and have stopped offering conveyancing until someone worthy proves that we are needed.” The man flicked his dark blue coat back and began walking ahead. “Come, you will need to speak with the Grand Master, and he will determine if you are the man we seek.”

Not really sure what else to do, and desperately needing a conveyancer, I followed.

– George

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