Taking the Train, Like a Dunce

I guess we’re all back at school, because the bosses have just started doling out weird punishments for silly things. Like, the box came in and caught Alex looking at shoes, so they moved her desk over to the window where they could keep an eye on her and took away her ‘browsing privileges’. Now she’s locked down to about three websites, which makes it pretty hard to do her job.

I just thought it was an isolated incident, until I just happened to heat up some tuna and it made a LITTLE bit of a smell, and now I’ve had my parking rights taken away for one week. Now I have to take the train, and it’s the worst. Still, it’s the perfect excuse to finally get my car serviced, since I won’t be needing it. Been meaning to see if there’s a really good auto electrical mechanic around Bentleigh, because it’s been making this funny electrical whirring that makes me think the whole vehicle is going to explode whenever I go about seventy.

See how I’m seeing this as a positive, despite it being totally ridiculous? I needed a car service, I’d been worried about the electrical problem for a while, but I needed the car to get to work so I just pressed on wards. Now…I am forced to be responsible and find a mechanic. Never mind that I’m being treated like a naughty child told to go and stand in the corner. Never mind that making a bit of a tuna smell is in no way related to my parking, and that a reasonable person would’ve just shrugged and told me not to do it again because it’s not like I went and dumped toxic waste all over the floor, SERIOUSLY.

Ugh, I need my car. I mean, I need to find a reliable mechanic in the Bentleigh area, THEN I need my car. The train sucks, it’s cold, I don’t have any books to read, and sometimes I meet workmates. It’s always awkward, ALWAYS. This is why I bought a car in the first place!!


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