Surprises are a lot more work than you bargain for

power of attorney planningTo surprise my boyfriend, who’s been away on a family emergency all week, I’ve decided to listen to his lectures and jot down some quick notes. This whole time has been so hard on him and he’s so thoroughly stressed out about everything that’s going on (with good reason too, work has been an absolute nightmare about getting the time off) that I figured this is the least I can do for him. Besides, I’m a full time student anyway, so it doesn’t feel too far off my normal routine.

The problem is that the course has me utterly lost. My boyfriend is insanely smart – he’s working at a finance firm while re-training to get hired by this big law firm that he’s had his eye on for a while now. The thing is, I’m a science student. I don’t know the first thing about law and right now I’m basically drowning in it. The problem is, though, that this isn’t just some introductory course. Everyone else listening to the lectures know all about how to apply for a probate in Melbourne, and I’m sitting there, furiously looking up what a probate even is so that the notes make even an iota of sense. So what I thought would be a really sweet gesture that would only take up a little snippet of my time has been transformed into hours of background research to even understand what on earth is going on.

At the same time, though, I’m finding it a lot more interesting than I thought I would. Law has always seemed dry and arbitrary to me, I’m someone who wants to make a real difference, and I’ve always thought I can do that through science. Now, though, I’m not so sure. While trying to grasp the power of attorney in a Melbourne court still sends me into a panic, the broader sentiment of the law lectures appeals to my desire to help people. So even though it was just supposed to be an example of what a kick-butt girlfriend I am, I think this may all be appealing to me on a deeper level. It’s confusing, but I’m kind of excited.

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