Dry needling on the internet

dry needling coursesI have become weirdly obsessed with online forums. Being unemployed means I have an excess of time on my hands and I have found a deep sense of satisfaction at trawling through the internet. Some of my favourites include the Coles facebook page, where people discuss a quinoa shortage as if it signaled the end of the world, and medical complaints forums. I get a sadistic kick off people complaining of their strange ailments, it’s a bonus when there is an attached picture. Occasionally an actual medical professional will step in and shatter everyone’s hypochondria with some concise and powerful advice. I got sucked in deep yesterday and spent 10 hours on forums about needling courses. I didn’t even know they were a thing but apparently it’s a way to treat muscle and nerve pain. People take their needles very seriously it seems. I find the more niche and abstract the topic the better the quality of chat is. One man actually went as far as making a plasticine replica of the muscles in his back and positioning them to show where his pain was, he made a GIF and posted it for us all to enjoy. I was in heaven. Obviously when my mum asks what I did with my day I told her I filled out over 5 job applications and any day now I’d be off to work. Little does she know that I actually spent my day discussing the best dry needling courses Australia has to offer with doc725lovemuscle from New Zealand. If only there was a way I could monetise trawling obscure forums. Maybe the police would pay me to search for digital criminals or something. Better yet, maybe I should just become a doctor and be one of the people that gets to dispense advice to all these virtual ailments. Although that does seem a long way round.

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