Tree removal vs body corporate

tree removalMy unit is engulfed in vegetation. Seriously, it looks like a hut in a jungle. There are enormous trees crowding the building, plus a wilderness of plants and bushes flourishing underneath. It’s so out of control that I can’t even see out of my windows. The lounge room’s always dark even when it’s day time due to the leaves pressed against the glass, and the bedroom and bathroom actually have vines creeping in through the walls. It’s high-time that the body corporate call for tree removal services.

I could not understand what was keeping them from calling the arborists to do some much needed tree trimming. Melbourne can get wet in March and April and that’s just going to make the greenery out go rampant. But I soon discovered from my neighbour that the body corporate manager has a phobia of arborists. While everyone in the apartment complex is desperate to get the trees trimmed or even removed, the lady who’s in charge of organising it all is afraid of hedge trimmers! I’m trying to be sympathetic here, I know what it’s like to have a strange phobia myself (polar bears), but I have to admit that my patience is running thin. I almost feel like calling the arborists myself and paying out of my own pocket for the dang tree removal. Prahran is a pretty well-to-do suburb so I’m sure some of the neighbours wouldn’t mind chipping in. This woman obviously needs professional help for the mental ill-health she experiences. I wonder what it was that triggered her fear of arborists. Maybe she had a childhood tree house hacked to pieces.

For now, I’m thinking of taking a pair of clippers to those creepers. One of them is reaching its tendrils around the neck of my sleeping cat…. Kitty! Wake up!… And I think I’m going to put my succulents up for adoption while I’m at it.

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