Landscape gardener life

I became a landscape gardener about nine years ago after retiring. I guess I am quite old to still be in the workforce but the truth is that I don’t know what else I’ll be doing. One thing I find about aging is that those who let themselves get older and do nothing, seem to age the quickest. I believe you need to keep active to stay young and healthy. Granted, I don’t do as much heavy lifting as a younger landscape gardener would and I only take on jobs that are quite small, but it still gets me out of the house doing something. It’s also extra money that I can use to treat myself without having to rely on my pension. I’ve also developed a small network of clients who regularly hire me to take care of basic gardening tasks such as watering, trimming, pruning, and mowing. My favourite clients are the ones who hired me to plant their garden, and then hire me weekly to tend to their garden. It feels like I’m helping them raise a child. 

I always buy the best hybrid tea roses on the internet. I find this a lot less time consuming than visiting a nursery or a florist. I place my order, I can see exactly what the site has in stock, and I’ll receive it days later without having to do a whole heap of run around. Plus, if a client asks me to plant a specific flower there’s no empty promise. I can usually check online and instantly know whether that seed is in stock or not.

Rose plants tend to be my most requested seeds and most clients seem to struggle with knowing how to care for thornless roses. This actually works in my favour as it keeps me in a job, it keeps me outside, and it keeps me doing the thing I love doing most. The only time things are a bit of a struggle is when it’s winter and raining. It can be hard to appropriately time my appointments.

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