Cyber Office

One down, three to go.

That first office was pretty easy, but I expect things to get much harder from here. I’ve targeted high-profile businesses with my master plan, and now that the first domino has fallen, all businesses are going to be on high alert. No matter. I’m the Glass Smashing Bandit. Nobody can catch me.

I don’t really understand why everyone wants to stop me, since I’m just redesigning offices, completely free. Does the marketing agency I just redesigned not like a design inspired by fairies and unicorns? I think it would be really soothing to work in such a magical office. And yet they’ve called the police, according to the news reports.

Whatever. I’m just a misunderstood artist. Perhaps the next office will understand the value of complimentary commercial design. Close to Melbourne is my next target, in the Docklands district. By the water is an office filled with some of the greatest IT workers in Melbourne, fighting against hackers for powerful businesses everywhere. I spent a long time trying to work out what the best theme would be, and I’ve decided to go with a cyberpunk one. Lots of neon lights and old, beaten up furniture. When I’m done, they’ll have one of the best commercial office fitouts. Melbourne residents will be simply stunned when they see my work on the news.

The thing is, this office is absolutely filled with security technology. There’s no sneaking in through the window this time. I’m thinking I’ll take the top entrance, using my expert glass smashing skills to break through the sunroof. They’ll never expect it, because they haven’t yet worked out that the Office Design Bandit is the Glass Smashing Bandit. My plan can’t possibly fail.

Update: So it turns out that their security was slightly more primitive than I had expected. Surprising, given some of the most intelligent users of technology work here. Instead, the building is only guarded by a single dog. Problem is that it’s a really big dog. He’s angry, too. So when I tried to get into the building, he started chasing me around. Currently I’m hiding in a storage closet, trying to work out how I can calm the beast so I can get to work.

Wish me luck.

– Bandit

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