Bigger Ships

As science fiction tells us repeatedly, humanity’s greatest weakness at the moment is that our spacecraft are too tiny and cramped. Imagine if we had ships like they have in Space Conflicts or SunDoor or Waterbee. Spacious affairs, everyone has their own room, and most of the time they have clean, white interiors. Imagine how many people would not only suddenly want to GO to space, but also work towards getting spaceships to that level. Right now you have to submit to a life of being trapped in a set of tiny corridors and exercising six hours a day so your muscles don’t waste away.

I’m thinking commercial kitchens all up in there, because nothing brings people together like good cooking. A commercial grade oven in a space kitchen, which leads into a space dining hall where you eat space food direct from said oven. In fact, I think commercial kitchens are going to be necessary since space food might be a little tougher to cook overall and we want an air of professionalism as mankind makes its first forays into the stars. No use going with a single little gas stove; get all commercial up in there, really put some welly into it. Ready to cook and serve anything we scrape off a passing asteroid, or harvest from the strange ground of an alien world. Commercial ovens and wok burners and all of that sort of thing are much stronger and more powerful than your average kitchen stuff anyway. Perfect for taking on the cuisines of the cosmos.

And if we do end up meeting any alien races, we want to make it look like we’re professionals who’ve been travelling through the galaxies for ages. So long that all of our stuff is commercial grade. That’ll be a lie, of course, but once they tour our spacious spaceships, see the commercial wok burner and hear about how we invented artificial gravity purely to get out of exercising so much, they’ll be impressed.

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